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Family day at the pool! :D

A friend bought me the last expansion pack *O*

hunnyflavored said: i do remember him! x3 used to play him in my story! (used to be simulatedfamily xD) aaah the memories <3 such a sweet sim ;3;

Haha yees, I noticed you were simulatedfamily when I saw your tumblr :D (I haven’t forgotten most of the simblrs I used to follow some years ago e_e)  I’m glad to see you around! :DD

And yes Martín is really sweet, he’s my favorite sim ever *O* so I’ll play with him again ^^

OMG! Martín!! ;______;!!!!
Ahhhhhh yeeessss!! You remember him! *O* this makes me happy :’D hahaha

Please, reblog if you’re a simblr.



I need more blogs to follow.

I do too! My dash is lacking D:

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