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I like how sims can switch sides in bed if there’s something blocking the way of the side you clicked…

I love the cherry blossom petals falling *O*

Ah yes, the little details

There’s music from sims 2 in the game!! 

This is how I feel while playing sims 4 :P am I the only one who can’t get used to the camera? D: I know we can enter the tab mode but I need more freedom while playing

I wont left sims 3 never ever ever, but I’ll post some sims 4 pictures, so if you don’t want to see them I’ll tag them as “Sims 4” and “ts4” so block those tags ^^

I bet you didn’t see that coming when you upgraded it :P

Is this a new kind of dance I wasn’t aware of? 

I downloaded this wings default replacement and I love them! They look awesome *O*